Screen Printing

Design Your Own Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts

For Events, Reunions, Promotional Items & More.

Work with our talented crew memebers to design the custom apparrel you are looking for, here at Armed Printing we have someone ready to help assist you in your creation, or use our online shop. We offer traditional inks such as plastisol, as well as specialty inks such as puff ink, matalllic ink, glow in the dark ink and many more. Screen print orders are completed and out for delivery within 5 business days of order placement. 

Screen Printing with Armed Printing.

What Is Screen Printing:

What is screen printing you ask? Well screen printing is no doubt one of the most versatile processes of all printing with superior quality result. Almost all store sold  shirts are printed with the screen printing process. Screen printing is a special process that entails applying ink through a mesh or also called a screen for each color to be printed onto a choice of substraight. Each screen must be precisly aligned in registration and test printed onto a test sheet prior to printing to insure proper registration. Subtraights range from paper, paperboard, fabrics, nylon and cotton, plastics, glass, metals, and many other materials.  The most common products printed in the screen printing world include t shirts for one, decals, labels, posters, signage, textiles of all types, and most often the one most people are unaware of, electronic circuit boards. Screen printing consist of 3 main elements. After alignment ink is hen pushed through the screen one color at a time onto the choice of substraight. Once printing is complete each piece is either hung, or ran through a dryer to properly cure the ink.

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Why We Have A Minimum:

Armed Printing has a minimum of 25 pcs, why you may ask? Well screen printing was designed for bulk printing. All the time involved with screen printing is mainly the setup, the printing is actually the fastest part of the entire job. For this reason we are able to decrease the price per piece the more quantity you order per design. The whole process for getting a print ready involves all hands on deck. We start of by sending your artwork over to our graphic designer who then creates a digital mock up for the product, as well as all the films negatives for the screen making process. Our designer job is over, he will shoot the film over to our screen department where they will turn your design into a screen. Finally are printers get the finished screen, setup the press, and turn your design into an actual piece of work. As you can see, its a long process to setup and run a screen printing press, that is unfortunately why we have to charge a minimum of 25 pcs. We will do a single shirt at our minimum 25 pcs price if that is all you request.

How Much Does It Cost: (One I Get A Lot)

To determine a cost for printing their are a lot of factors that are involved in determining a final price. We start off by offering a free screen setup fee for all screen to be made for the job so the price you see is the price you pay, no hidden screen fees that tend to pop up on you. The only thing you typically need to get a final price is to choose your substraight, quantity, and colors for your design. Stop by our Online Store and start your order now, or if what you're looking for is not in our store shoot us and email we at Armed Printing will be glad to put a quote together for you, and have it email it back as well as answer any question or concerns you may have.

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